Best Birdwatching Spots in Costa Rica!

In Monteverde, the cloud forest is a permanent and temporary home to a myriad of endemic and migratory birds that can be observed and enjoyed up close or afar. The mystical cloud rainforest is where many birds can be observed. They include the beautifully famous resplendent Quetzal as well as many other not-so-famous yet equally exciting species.

Costa Rica also offers ideal conditions for birdwatching tourism. It has been rated as a leading ecotourism destination and a top favorite in Latin America for birdwatchers too. Blend ecotourism, birdwatching, and ideal conditions for tourism, and your journey will take you to Monteverde which is a must to visit when exploring the beauty of Costa Rica.

Jaguarundi Jungle Lodge is ideally situated in the heart of Monteverde. It also boasts one of the best sunsets in the neighborhood. So, after an early morning birdwatching tour and some adventure in nature in one of the many cloud forest reserves in Monteverde, take a front-row seat with an aromatic and delicious cup of Costa Rican coffee or a refreshing, tropical cocktail and enjoy the changing colors of the citrus sky.

Binoculars ready to spot the Spotted Barbtail, Bare-necked Umbrellabird, and the Purple-crowned Fairy!

Why does Costa Rica have so many birds?

Costa Rica has been a world-renowned bird watching destination for many years and this outstanding position is for very good reasons. Over 900 species of birds have been registered in this small little country that sits in the middle of North and South America.

Back in the day, when Costa Rica was part of the landmass that connected the then separated North and South American, birds literally flocked into this land bridge including the iridescent hummingbird from the south and the jay from the north. This means that many bird species have found their home in the endless types of forests, altitudes, coasts, and other hideaways that Costa Rica is beautifully made up of.

So, not only are there lots of birds to spot, but they are also flying around a small area of land which means that you will see many of these hundreds of feathered friends during your travels around Costa Rica. With such diverse habitats at different altitudes, birds have become essential members of each one, and to the enjoyment of bird-loving visitors.

Let's look for Red-headed Barbet, Chiriqui Quail-Dove, and Azure-hooded Jays!

Where are the top birdwatching places in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has birdwatching hotspots all over the country so during your visit and depending on your love for birds, you can stop at a number of these spots as you discover the wonders of this top bird watching destination. Birds have made the diversity of Costa Rican landscapes their homes. Mountains, lowlands, wetlands, volcanoes, beaches, rainforests, mangroves, rivers, and the cloud forest guarantee endless opportunities for bird lovers.

What makes bird watching even more exciting is that you can experience the forest canopy where most of the wildlife in the tropical forests like to live, feed, and breed. When in Monteverde, visit Selvatura Adventure Park where you can zipline the cloud forest canopy or take a 1.9mile walk through the cloud forest floor and over a series of treetop suspension bridges that put you at bird level for some up-close viewing.

What makes birdwatching in Costa Rica that much easier is that you are never far from your next birdwatching hotspot thanks to its size and road network. Combine the cloud forest high altitude birdwatching hotspots like Monteverde and the Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge in the northern wetlands with the coastal Carara National Park for a truly diverse-rich birding tour.

For the mountain lovers, Costa Rica has three birdwatching hotspots at higher altitudes that are not far from each other and that are all beautiful in their own ways. Monteverde with its views of the Pacific Ocean below and its variety of nature reserves, combined with the Central Valley with its volcanoes and encompassing mountains, and a visit to Santa Maria de Dota in the higher slopes makes for an excursion that will be cooler in temperature and amazing in birdwatching possibilities.

Costa Rica has endless potential when it comes to bird spotting and places to visit during your birdwatching route.

Here is to Three-wattled bellbird Red-faced Spinetail and the Buffy Tufted Cheek watching!

Which is our favorite birdwatching hotspot in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, and every corner is full of biodiversity, amazing landscapes, and “must-visit” places. In a short time, you can immerse yourself in the palm tree-lined beaches, coffee plantation laden mountainsides, and adventure-filled close to nature activities on white water rivers or hiking through tropical forests.

What makes all these incredible habitats all the better is when they also offer great places to stay, delicious gastronomy, and a community that is invested in the wellbeing and sustainability of the natural wonderland that surrounds it. When the natural wonderland comes in the form of the mystical cloud rainforest, our favorite bird watching destination points as directly “as the crow flies' ' to Monteverde!

Ficus Sunset Suites invites you to experience this unique destination that sits on the top of the continental divide and where visitors walk in the clouds that embrace the forest that offers protection and food for our favorite global jet setters. Monteverde is a temporary nest for many on their long seasonal journey to the warmth and diversity of Costa Rica.

The Monteverde cloud forest is the perfect backdrop for birding tours or just the pleasure of watching birds and hearing their song from the comfort of your hotel balcony nestled into the mountain slopes. Choose from a variety of exciting, nature-rich tours that will show you the very best of Monteverde in the company of expert naturalist and ornithology specialized guides. Reserve your favorite tours online on the Ficus Sunset Suites website (, the best place to start your birdwatching journey!

With over 400 bird species, 120 species of amphibians and reptiles and 100 species of mammals, Monteverde´s unique ecosystem compares to no other. We did mention that it is a favorite destination to spot and observe the Resplendent Quetzal, didn't we? Let's not forget that you may see the Rufous-browed Tyrannulet, the Spotted Barbtail, and the Ruddy Treerunner too.

Jaguarundi Jungle Lodge  looks forward to being part of your birdwatching journey to Costa Rica! We can't wait for you to see the very best birdwatching hotspot and the beauty of Monteverde, its cloud forest, and the community of fellow nature-lovers.  You will feel as at home as the hundreds of birds that make Monteverde their temporary nest.