Live Monteverde to the Extreme!

Unforgettable Experiences in the Middle of the Cloud Forest

Get out of the routine and live unforgettable adventure experiences in the impressive cloud forest of Santa Elena, Monteverde in Costa Rica. Plan your ideal itinerary to enjoy the exuberant nature in our outstanding tourist area. Staying at Hotel Heliconia, you will have privileged access to the main activities of Selvatura Park, located just 21 minutes (7.4 km) away on Highway 619.

Canopy Tour

Discover the extreme adventure in the cloud forest of Selvatura Park. Our exclusive canopy system is built inside the cloud forest, where visitors will fly to the extreme. 
With a secure system of cables suspended at high altitude, you will be able to fly through the treetops and enjoy panoramic views of the cloud forest, offering an unforgettable experience full of pure adrenaline. 

Hanging Bridges

The Treetop Walkways experience is a 3 kilometer hike through the cloud forest, with forest trails interconnected by 8 suspension bridges created under high quality standards. These bridges vary in length from 50 meters to a staggering 170 meters.

Natural History Walk

You will have the feeling of freedom to be surrounded by nature and be accompanied by an expert guide, who will provide you with details of the beautiful cloud forest from a biological and ornithological perspective. 

Sloth Habitat

In close collaboration with the Caribbean Sloth Sanctuary, Selvatura Park showcases the sloth bear, one of Costa Rica's most iconic animals, in a carefully designed exhibit that replicates its natural habitat and houses 12 slow-moving, tree-dwelling female sloths.

Butterfly Garden

Our specialized guides will offer you information and curious facts about the magnificent butterflies, in addition to guiding you through lush gardens full of flowers. You will be able to witness their incredible life cycle and other fascinating curiosities.

Amphibian and Reptile Exhibit

Costa Rica is home to a diversity of reptiles and amphibians, and the Selvatura Park exhibit is the perfect introduction to the country's herpetofauna. Species are carefully preserved in this space to ensure optimal conditions for both the animals and the visitor's viewing experience. 

El Jardín Restaurant

Combining Monteverde's casual atmosphere with modern cuisine, lunch at El Jardín Restaurant is one of the best moments of the day and the most delicious way to restore your energy to continue with the adventure of our park.